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Follow-Through Is Key To Natural Weight Loss Success

By: Dr. George Best

There are many good, healthy, weight loss plans available that provide good, sensible diets with effective exercise programs, and perhaps safe natural weight loss aids. Each of these programs have their dramatic success stories. But if there is no real shortage of effective weight loss programs, why do so many people have such trouble losing weight? What is the difference between the people who choose a program and lose 20, 50, even 100 pounds or more and those who do the exact same program and never lose an ounce?

The key difference is follow-through. No matter how good a weight loss program is, it won\'t work for someone if they don\'t stick to it consistently long-term. Most people start a weight loss program with good intentions and they may even be highly motivated at first, but the majority get off track quickly - usually within a week or two - and never really get any momentum on their natural weight loss plan.

The question is, what causes someone who has finally made the commitment to lose weight to lose his or her motivation so quickly as to never make any real progress?

Actually, a lot of things can happen. Temptations arise. Other people can interfere. They run out of time and/or energy to eat right and exercise. Or, maybe they simply lose sight of the reasons they decided to try to lose weight in the first place.

One key to staying focused is to frequently think about your weight loss goals and what losing weight will mean to you. Most people don\'t just decide they want to lose weight. There\'s usually a reason they want to lose weight. Maybe it\'s because they\'re worried about their health. Maybe it\'s because they can\'t find clothes they like that fit them. Maybe it\'s because they want to find a romantic partner and think that it will be easier if they look better. Maybe they\'re tired of people calling them fat and making jokes about their weight. There are probably as many reasons for wanting to lose weight as there are people who want to lose weight. If you get clear on your reasons, you\'ll have much greater success with any natural weight loss plan.

You\'ll need to frequently focus your thoughts on your main reason(s) to lose weight in order to maintain a high level of motivation. I suggest writing your motivating factors down in such a way that it will enhance your motivation every time you read it. Since the mind typically works to avoid negative things and to seek out positive things, I suggest writing down your list of motivators with something negative you wish to avoid and something positive you wish to achieve as a result of losing weight. As an example, if you are tired of hearing fat jokes and people whispering about your weight problem, you could write something along the lines of, \"I am committed and highly motivated to lose weight because I am no longer willing to be the subject of fat jokes and gossip. I am excited to be achieving my weight loss goals and hearing people say how great I look!\"

Place your written motivating statement(s) somewhere that you will see it more than once each day. When you do see it, take the time to read it and really get into the experience of what those words mean. Don\'t just read passively to get through it, actually think about the words and FEEL what you have written down.

Due to all of the possible influences that can interrupt your weight loss
efforts, it is very important to stay focused on the underlying reasons you want to lose weight. By frequently reminding yourself of your real reasons to lose weight, it will be much easier to stay motivated and ultimately to follow-through on your natural weight loss plan and become a success story!

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Dr. George Best is a holistic healthcare provider in San Antonio, Texas. Additional resources, including Dr. Best\'s E-Book, \"Training Your Brain For Weight Loss\" can be obtained through his website on natural weight loss motivation. Get your own completely unique content version of this article.

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