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By: M.G. Blanford

You can control diabetes. If you are diagnosed with Type II diabetes, the first thing you need to do is get a blood sugar monitor so that you can keep a record of your blood sugar. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, be aware that you can control diabetes.

Many people who are first diagnosed have a period of time where they are in denial. This is true believe me, I was for several weeks. Although Type II diabetes has become a national epidemic, many people refuse to believe that they could have this disease.

Many people who are not overweight or who do not eat a lot of sugar have also been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, like me. I was 6'2", weighed 200lbs, was celebrating my 45th birthday and had never been ill! It can strike anyone.

One of the best things you can do to control diabetes is to be aware of the Glycemic Index that is given to certain carbohydrates. Those with Type II diabetes are warned to stay away from certain carbohydrates such as;

1. Potatoes, highest ranked on the Glycemic Index
2. Corn Flakes, among highest ranked
3. White rice, among the highest ranked
4. White Bread, among the highest ranked

High glycemic foods take a long time to digest in the system of a diabetic. The glucose, or sugar, stays in the blood because the system of a diabetic is unable to process the refined sugars and flours. Being aware of which carbohydrates rank high on the Glycemic Index is just one way to monitor the glycerin, which is the amount of glucose in the blood. It is imperative for a diabetic to monitor their glycemia.

I must admit that Tony the Tiger and I were the TEAM when I was growing up. A bowl or two of Kellogg Frosted Flakes and a cup or two of milk in the morning made me feel GRRREAT!! But Who Knew? These are only two precursors to diabetes.

However, there are many Good Glycemic Index foods too!
Some of the foods that rate low on the Glycemic Index include most fruits and vegetables. Even though fruits and vegetables contain sugar, the sugars contained in these good glycerin foods digest into the system at a lower rate and also provide valuable nutrients to the diabetic.

Other good glycemic foods include wholegrain breads and pastas. If you or a loved one has Type I or Type II diabetes, you should switch to whole grain breads and pastas made from wheat flour. This can be tremendously helpful to anyone who wants to manage their glycemia as well as anyone who wants to follow such low carb diets. Basmati rice is also considered one of the good glycemic foods.

It is not a matter of eliminating carbohydrates when using diet to control diabetes, but understanding which carbohydrates rate high on the Glycemic Index. Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled by proper diet, monitoring blood sugar, and following doctors orders as far as medication.

The effect of the Glycemic Index on the body is that it allows diabetics to know which carbohydrates are the ones that can cause the most damage and those that break down easily in the system. The effect of the Glycemic Index on the body gave birth to some very popular low-carb diets such as The South Beach Diet and other diets that monitored carbohydrate ratings. The effect of the Glycemic Index on the body is crucial to anyone who wants to monitor their blood glucose level.

There are also some indications that it can be an inherited disorder. If you have a first degree relative who has diabetes, there is a very good chance that you may inherit this condition. You should bring this matter to the attention of your physician so he or she can do blood tests to determine if you are at risk for diabetes.

Exercise plays a very important role in controlling diabetes also. I was confused as are many diabetics as to the type of exercise I could do. I consulted my Doctor, who is a marathon runner, and his suggestion was to start running. Well, at 45 years old and no running experience, I didn't think that would be for me. However, I do like walks in the park with my two favorite women. What you do is up to you, just be sure to have fun!!

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