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A Myrmecodia pendans for cervix, breast , prostate, brain, lung , intestine cancer

A Myrmecodia pendans / Sarang Semut, especially from Hydnophyutum formicarum and Myrmecodia pendens ia been use for long time ago as a cancer cure and medication by the people of Local Southeast Asia. For Thailand, Philipine, Vietnam and Indonesia, consume Hydnophyutum formicarum. While, Myrmecodia pendens is limited used by the Papuan.

The Myrmecodia pendans / Sarang Semut is consisting of strong antioxidant like vitamin C, flavonoid and tannin. Those compounds are internally produced by Myrmecodia pendans / Sarang Semut as an immune. Myrmecodia pendans / Sarang Semut also can exceed a cervix cancer, breast cancer, Leukemia, prostate cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer and intestine cancer.

There are labyrinths inside which used by ants for their activities. Even though, it such an unusual plant, but it has lot of merits for medication.

The advantages are empirically proof in:
- Cancer and tumor
- Heart disease, especially for coronary
- Stroke
- Hemorrhoids
- The lump in breas
- Kidneys disease and Prostate
- Menstruation and Fluor Albus
- Release the blood circulation
- Migrant
- Rheumatic
- Nose Allergic, nose bleed and sneezing
- Maag

The Advantages of Anthill:
- To speed up and increase ASI
- For Sexual desire
- For stamina
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