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Submit Your Website To Web Directory To Increase The PageRank

Web Directory
PageRank is an algorithm that serves to determine the quality of a website. A website is considered qualified if many others put links that lead to the site, with the assumption that the content is more useful than others content. PageRank is calculated with a scale of 1-10. The greater value of the PageRank, the better content contained therein.

The concept of PageRank is similar to link popularity, but not only considering the number of inbound and outbound links. A page will also be considered more qualified if the other pages that have a high pagerank refer to the page.

Many ways to get links from other sites with high pagerank, one of them is to submit your site to web directory. One of the most famous web directory is DMOZ.

Web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. Web directory contains links to other websites and set those links into categories and hierarchical system. Unlike search engines, web directories provide a list of websites by categories and sub-categories. The website owners are allowed to submit their website to be included in the directory list. Web directory edited manually by humans and the system is not based on certain keywords, but based on the essence of a website.

The main advantage of website directory is to provide a good ranking in search engines. The more links, the better ranking. The relationship between the web directory and search engine ranking is very relevant. A Website which is directed through a link on many directories will get a higher ranking in search engine. The effective way to improve ranking in search engines is to put a link to a web directory with the same topic. Suppose you have a business site, then register your site on business web directory.

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