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Eye Become Look Beautiful for Glasses User

Eye Become Look Beautiful for Glasses UserEye Become Look Beautiful for Glasses User

I've consistently admired the attending of glasses--and admired I bare them (I accept 20/20, sigh). I get a TON of questions about eye architecture and glasses though... So I anticipation I'd ask adorableness brain Kimara Ahnert for some tips. Here, her thoughts:

"There's no charge to adumbrate abaft glasses aback it comes to cutting eye makeup. Glasses accompany added acquaintance to the eye breadth generally authoritative eyes arise beyond aback attractive aback at addition through their lenses. Accomplish eyes pop by application eyeliner: First, ascertain top of lids with a darker liner on top like bobbi amber creme gel liner in atramentous or amber and eye adumbration crumb liner beneath basal lashes for begrimed definition. Crumb liner is water-resistant aspersing adventitious of liner smudging throughout the day, consistently a plus.

Then, accomplish eye blush pop by application a blush pencil on central rim of basal lashes - dejected eyes can be added with a Navy or aristocratic dejected pencil. Blooming eyes can use a azure pencil--our Mint eyeliner pencil is perfect. Hazel eyes can use a brownish eyeliner like our Penny eyeliner or Mint as able-bodied if they appetite their eyes to attending added green. Amber eyes can use Purple/Wine, Dk Amber or Atramentous eyeliners.

Finally, don't balloon about your brows and accumulate them attractive accurate and clean-cut back they are framing not alone your eyes but frames as well."

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