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Tips-Tips Dasar untuk Perawatan Kulit

Tips-Tips Dasar untuk Perawatan Kulit

One of the most important factors of skin care is skin cleansing. Because dirt, pollution, residual makeup, etc. can cause havoc to the skin leading to skin ailments and even hastening of the aging process.

Here's what you need to do, obvious may be, but not practiced as it should be:
• Always wash your hands clean first. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria to your face.
• Start with your hairline first, as hairstyling products attract dirt, and then sweep cleanser over face and lips and down the neck to beyond where you apply foundation.
• After you've applied your cleanser, gently massage it in with the balls of your fingers and leave it on for a minute or so to allow make-up to melt away. Then use a soft cotton ball to wipe away dirt, pollution, and cosmetic build-up without tugging at the skin.
• Then wash face clean with water and a good quality face wash so that all traces of dirt is gone and skin becomes perfectly clean.

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